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Attribution is the practice of giving other people credit when you use their work as part of your own work.

In The Endless Mission, we have a free culture where everybody is allowed to use everybody else's contributions. Whenever you publish something to share with the community, you are also giving everybody in the community free rights to use your work as they see fit.

You can think of this as a giving economy instead of a more typical selling economy. In a selling economy, the price of something dictates how valuable it is to the community. However in our economy, copying and using everything is always free. In this kind of environment, one really important way to show your fellow community members that you value their contributions is by using Attribution.

Giving people Attribution for their work means you respect them and value their contributions. If you spend a lot of time and effort making something to share with the community, wouldn't you like it if they gave you credit for using your creations? Plus, wouldn't you love to know about all the unique ways other players are using your work?

To give attribution, all you need to do is mention in your Listing Description the following pieces of information for the things you use in your work that were originally published by other people:

  • The name of the author who originally made some of the work that you're using in what you're publishing.
  • The name of the Asset(s) and/or the name of the Game that you used content from.

It's not necessary to find the absolute original author of something when you're adding an attribution. For example, if Alice created an enemy "RovingTurret", and then Bob uses that enemy to create a new version called "RovingAndJumpingTurret", if you use Balthazar's version, you should credit Bob in your Listing Description, it's not really necessary credit Alice.

However, let's say Carlos independently made the asset "TurretLaserProjectile", and you used both Bob's creation and Carlos' creation in your Game that you published. In that case, you should give attribution/ give credit to both Bob and Carlos for using their work.

Attribution Example[]

img: publishing edit listing only screen CLOSEUP showing the description field that ends in text like in the example description
So where and how do you give credit/ give attribution to other authors? Here's a specific example.
  • Let's say you're publishing a Game called "Turret Disco Panic" and you used both the TurretLaserProjectile Carlos made and the RovingAndJumpingTurret that Bob made.
  • When you go to Publish your Game, you can add the following lines to the end of your Listing Description:
    • -- This Game uses assets from the following people:
    • -- Thanks to Carlos for the TurretLaserProjectile
    • -- Thanks to Bob for the RovingAndJumpingTurret
  • That's it!