The Endless Mission Wiki

The calming ocean waves… the cool breeze… the warming sun. Volcano island seems like a tranquil paradise, but Capitán BlackClaw isn’t interested in taking a vacation. All of the rumors point to this island containing the greatest treasure on the high seas… the six golden pineapples!

In the 3D Platformer, you will play as Capitán BlackClaw, an agile character with a powerful dash ability and equipped with the capability to reach impressive heights with her double jump. Your goal is to collect as many of the six golden pineapple treasures as possible before your time run outs.

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The six golden pineapple quests are as follows:

  1. The Rock King’s Prize: a multi-step quest the culminates in a boss fight with the Rock King for the golden pineapple.
    • Collect the three gems spread throughout the island - one in the jungle, one in a cove by the ruins, and one at the bottom of the volcano, by the lavafall.
    • Bring the three gems to the treasure chest located at the back of the ruins. Opening the chest will wake the Rock King, who will begin hurling boulders down at you from the top of the volcano.
    • Climb to the summit of the volcano, and battle with the Rock King. After baiting him into ramming the pillars surrounding the area, dash attack him while he is sitting vulnerable on the ground. Do this five times and you will win the fight and earn a golden pineapple.
      Platformer Rock King.png
  2. Atop the Ruins: This golden pineapple is earned by stepping onto the blue pressure plate switch near the entrance to the ruins, and then successfully platforming up to the top of the summoned platforms, where the pineapple awaits.
    Platformer Pineapple.png
  3. The Treasure of Weasel Cove: This golden pineapple appears when you defeat all of the weasels roaming the lava cover area nearby the ruins.
  4. Island Lookout Over the Sea: This golden pineapple sits atop a distant rocky pillar out over the ocean. It can be reached through carefully platforming across pillars starting in the beach area.
    Platformer Over the Sea.png
  5. Collect 20 Red Fruit: This pineapple appears near the entrance path up the volcano, after you collect 20 of the Red Fruit that are spread over the island.
  6. On the Volcano’s Summit: This pineapple sits atop the volcano summit, rewarding you the first time they reach the top.

Platformer Mechanics[]

  • Death - if you run out of health, the platformer game will automatically end.
  • Health - You begin with five health.
  • Falling into lava, being hit by a weasel or the Rock King, or landing in the ocean will all decrease your health by one.
  • Collecting a Red Fruit will increase your health by one.
  • Collecting a Golden Pineapple will fully restore the your health.
  • Dashing Cooldown - There is a short duration cooldown between executions of the dash attack.
  • Mid-air Dash - You can dash in the air by starting a dash after they have jumped.
  • Double Jump - You can double jump by pressing the jump button after they are already in the air from a previous jump.
  • Head-bop Jump - If timed right as you land on a weasel’s head, you will gain increased jump height by holding down the jump button.