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Patch Notes[]

This is where you'll find an archive of Patch Notes as well as additional information pertaining to updates.

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2/3/20 Update[]

For this update, in addition to a ton of quality of life improvements to game creation, we've also improved the console to help with debugging.

  • ADDED: Undo/Redo capabilities to the Editor (Handles updates to individual properties, transform manipulation, selection, and creation/deletion of new Entities)
  • ADDED: "HealthChangeVolume" script, and several prebuilt examples including "Lava Damage Volume", "Smart Healing Volume", and "Explosion with Damage." Refer to Using Health Change Volumes for more info.
  • ADDED: SimpleHealthBarUI - An example of SmartFillImageUI that automatically updates the bar to the health value of any HealthController
  • ADDED: "SimpleInputListener" script allows you to listen a keyboard or mouse input and fire events, without any coding!
  • ADDED: SmartFillImageUI - allows you to do progress bar style images, where it fills from one side to another
  • ADDED: 'Code Prompting' (auto-complete) to the code editor
  • ADDED: Gameplay console (use F1 key to toggle between full view overlay and single line overlay).
  • ADDED: Console in Escape Menu for interacting with the console during UGC gameplay.
  • IMPROVED: Editor console now has single-line output with details panel for full view. Icons for info / warning / error.
  • IMPROVED : Library search to be 100% fuzzier (it will guess what you're searching for)
  • IMPROVED: First-person avatar was rebalanced -- it now has better control and uses the new health bar. The "Basic" template was also updated to use the updated avatar.
  • IMPROVED: Auto-complete to be more reliable
  • IMPROVED: Library Preview Images will now be properly lit
  • IMPROVED: Updated a number of existing particle systems to properly reflect scale changes.
  • IMPROVED: Overall performance in the Editor and UGC.
  • FIXED: Lag when dragging a CapitanBlackClaw object in the hierarchy.
  • FIXED: An issue with Smart Condition UI being unable to hide.
  • FIXED: Issue where a saved Entity with a missing event call could not be dragged into the scene
  • FIXED: Issues with certain text fields not accepting input within the Editor.
  • FIXED: The transform gizmo not updating properly when moving a particle effect in the Editor.
  • FIXED: Bug with Copy/Pasting Entities creating extra copies.
Important Notes:[]
  1. We fixed an issue with scripts that were disabled still running their functions. Since games may have relied this improper functionality, we have upgraded existing scripts within games to be active that you may have intentionally turned off. This should not change behavior directly, but if you notice anything going wrong, let us know!
  2. We changed the interface for pausing and unpausing the game. If you had custom scripts interacting with GameStateManager.SetPauseState, they will need to be updated with GameStateManager.RequestPause and GameStateManager.DismissPause. Without the upgrade your games may not play correctly, as your code will NOT compile.

1/14/20 Update[]

For this update, we've done some quality of life updates for the Editor and improved the publishing process in the Content Portal. The complete details are below!

  • Improved: Clarity of the login flow, added retry button should login fail.
  • Improved: Disabled objects will now show as grayed out in the hierarchy view.
  • Added: Added: Error reporting popup to help diagnose issues.
  • Added: Camera Preview (Shows when a camera is selected).
  • Fixed: Bug where you had to hit enter after each position/rotation/scale change.
  • Fixed: Sliders for Int and Float property drawers.
  • Fixed: Issue where asset/game downloads sometimes hang indefinitely.
  • Fixed: Adding new script recompile logic now only happens if needed.
  • Fixed: Localization warning that appeared in the editor console when opening the editor.

12/19/19 Update - Introducing the Racer[]

We’re excited to announce that today we’ve released the first major update to The Endless Mission and it’s one you’ve been asking for: The Racer!

  • Added: The Racer Academy Game, available now for playing, hacking, and editing
  • Fixed: Disabled Avatar during Platformer intro cutscene
  • Fixed: Implemented a unit cap per faction in the RTS
  • Fixed: Optimized Blue Mage particle effects
  • Fixed: Updated LOD range in the Platformer and RTS games to be more appropriate to the LOD Bias setting
  • Fixed: Low framerate when many archers attack at once in the RTS
  • Added: Top Down Adventure and Racer Templates
  • Added: New assets from our partners at Terminal Two
  • Added: Updated Health Controller tech -- important note: there are updates needed if you have custom scripts using HealthController (click here for details)
  • Added: New scripts to help you deal and modify damage/healing (DamageVolume will continuously damage things that enter it, while HealthChangeModifier will allow for damage immunities or resistances)
  • Added: New Megastructure buildings and their individual pieces to the Library.
  • Fixed: Updated the Distance which props change LODs and cull out.
  • Fixed: Dropboxes now collapse properly in the Hierarchy

Note: The Health Controller underwent some changes in the update. These changes will only affect you if have custom scripts subscribing to the previous version of HealthController's events.

  • The signature for OnDeath has changed. It no longer has any parameters.
  • OnHealthChanged has been split into two new events:
  • OnBeforeHealthChange - use this one to change incoming damage before it is applied (Example: A shield ability that halves all damage)
  • OnHealthChangedApplied - use this one to respond to attackers (Example: an AI fighting back after you attack them)
  • Note that these two events will NOT fire for damage from hacking via tweaks or lenses
  • Finally, there is a new event for OnNewHealthValue which will fire whenever the health changes, including from hacking. Useful for things like health bars.

If you have custom scripts that no longer work due to this change, please contact us on Discord or at and we'd be happy to help!

12/2/19 Update[]

For our first update in Early Access, we've included fixes and additions for Adventure Mode, the Editor and more.

Adventure Mode[]
  • Fixed: Bug with player not dying after failing a side mission
  • Fixed: Bug where action/hacking toggle being present before it is unlocked
  • Fixed: Fearn should no longer disappear during wall destruction cutscene
  • Fixed: Objects lose references when duplicating an object
  • Fixed: Window fails to scroll when using the arrow keys with Auto-Complete
  • Fixed: Game light fails to update until playing the game
  • Added: Smart UI feature upgrades, including button transition support for smart buttons, mask support for images, and improvements to the display of nested classes in the inspector
  • Fixed/Added: Quality of Life updates to address small issues in Editor
    • Auto-versioning incrementing and smart UI for smart conditions
    • Added simple sequence script to allow players to more easily make their own starting UI
    • Removed "Reset" function from several objects keeping legacy support)
    • Improvements to Smart UI and Simple Inventory
  • Fixed: Video Quality Menu's Confirm and Revert buttons are now outside scrollable window
  • Fixed: Notification of invalid email upon account creation