The Endless Mission Wiki

Below is a tutorial on how to navigate the side quests in Adventure Mode during Free Play.

What is A Side Quest?[]

Side Quest on Map.PNG

In Adventure Mode, there are different kinds of tasks to complete. Tasks that are not part of the main story and are optional to complete are called Side Missions or Side Quests. These tasks can involve anything from solving puzzles with Lenses to fending off several waves of invading enemies. Opened and completed side quests can be viewed in the Journal under "Side Missions" (see How to View Missions in the Journal). Side quests may unlock Lore that reveals narrative information.

Where You Can Find A Side Quest[]

Side Quest on Compass.PNG

Side quests are located all over the map in Free Play and are represented by a white flag icon. These icons will appear on the Compass and can be found just by exploring. As you approach the locations of side missions, their icons will appear on the map. You can open the map by pressing M and learn more about individual side missions by clicking on their icons. Some side quests are area-specific and will be failed if you leave the mission area before completing the required task(s).

Types Of Side Quests[]

Side quests may involve different types of tasks:

  • Defeat a number of waves of enemies
  • Protect a number of objects from being destroyed
  • Solve a puzzle using Lenses
  • Solve a puzzle using Hacks
  • Solve a puzzle by navigating through an area

How To Complete a Side Quest[]

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  1. To initiate a side quest, you must enter the mission area or fulfill a specific condition, such as interacting with a character.
  2. When the side quest begins, you must complete the task(s) involved in the quest (see "Types of Side Quests" above). If you leave the mission area before completing all the required tasks, the mission will be failed and must be restarted in order to complete it.
  3. Once all the required tasks are complete, you will be notified that the mission is complete and it will now appear under "Completed Missions" in the Journal. The mission icon on the Compass and Map will appear green instead of white. Some side quests unlock lore, play a cutscene, or have a special interaction after they are completed.