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When you have worked on your Game to the point that you would like to share it with other players of The Endless Mission, you can use the Publish feature in the Editor.

Deciding What to Publish and What Not to Publish[]

There's nothing stopping you from publishing everything and anything to the community.

However, it's important to consider how other people will think about your contribution and how much they will enjoy playing it.

When you publish something to the community, it can be voted on by other users. People can generally tell if you publish high-quality original content, and it's also obvious to others if you publish a lot of low-quality derivative or incomplete content. Your reputation in the online The Endless Mission community depends on the quality of your contributions. You don't want to be known as the person who uploads broken Games, so please be mindful of what you decide to publish.

About Derivative Content, or Copying[]

You may have noticed that you can easily download anything someone else created, make a few changes to it, and then upload it as your own. It's true, that no matter what you publish online, anybody can use it, modify it, and publish it for themselves.

Because everybody is able to see everybody else's contributions, if you're the kind of user who mostly copies other people's stuff and just adds minor things to it and reuploads them, it will be obvious, and your contributions won't get good ratings, and your reputation in the community will suffer.

If you do use a large amount of someone else's work in your own contributions, it's a great idea to credit them in the description of your content. This is called "attribution" and is a great way to show respect to your fellow players.

About Publishing Incomplete Versions For Testing[]

There is one important exception to publishing incomplete or broken contributions.

When you publish something for the first time, you must give it a version number and a description.

It is perfectly accepted and common practice to publish something that's incomplete, or even buggy, for the purposes of testing it with other players. The courteous and conventional way to do this is to use a version number that is less than "1.0". It's even better if you add to your description that the published item is 'for testing' or 'pre release' or 'still in progress', and it's even better than that if you provide a list of specifically what is currently in progress and what is finished.

This way, players will know what to expect when they download your contributions, and they won't get upset or disappointed when they get to play what they have downloaded.

Publish Prep Window.png

Publishing For The First Time[]

In the Editor, if you are publishing a Game for the first time, just press the "PUBLISH" button and a drop-down menu will appear. You will see an option to Publish, and an option to Edit your "Listing Data."

Make sure that you have Saved your Game first. You can't Publish anything that you haven't already Saved at least once.

When you Publish something for the first time, you need to fill in a certain amount of minimum information for the "Listing" that players will see. This includes at least one screenshot, a description, a name, and a version number.

Publish Preview Window.png

What You Can Do After Publishing[]

Once you have Published, you can then do the following things to your online Listing:

1- You can separately update the Listing Data people see online, like the description. To do this, just click the "PUBLISH" drop-down button and one of the menu items will be for just updating the Listing Data

2- You can also Publish an Update, or a new version of the content. You'll do this using the same "PUBLISH" button that you used for the first time, but after you have Published at least once, every time you Publish the same item after that, you are considered to be Publishing an update to that item. Whenever you do this, you must change the version number, and it's also a good idea to update the description so that it's accurately describing what people will download.

Central Console UI.png

Where Does Your Listing Appear?[]

Whether you are publishing for the first time, or publishing an update, all of your published stuff will appear in the same place for all players - it's within the 'Content' tab when you press 'Esc' to open up your menu.