The Endless Mission Wiki
When you're working in the Editor, there are two different places a given Asset could be: Either in your Game, or in the Library:
  • If the Asset is in your Game, then it is considered an instance of that Asset, and it will appear somewhere in the Project Hierarchy UI Panel.
  • If the Asset is in the Library, then it is considered the source of instances of that Asset, because when you add that Asset from the Library to your Game, you are making a copy (the instance) to place in your Game.

Assets that you download will automatically appear in your Library.

Editor - Project Hierarchy Search.png
If you are looking for a specific Asset in your game, you can use the Search Bar at the top of the Project Hierarchy UI Panel on the left side of the screen. Just start typing the name of the Asset, and the list of items will filter accordingly.
Editor - Library Panel.png
If you're looking for a specific Asset in the Library, you can use the Library UI Panel on the right side of the Editor screen. All of the items that appear here are in your Library (but not in your Game).

There are two devices you can use to filter and search the contents of the Library UI Panel: the Search Bar, and the Filter Buttons.

Editor - Library Filter Buttons.png
The Filter Buttons show various categories of Assets. You can click each of these buttons independently to toggle the appearance of those categories of items.

However, if all the filters are OFF, then all items are displayed.

The three buttons near the top of this panel are global filter categories. Depending on which one is selected, you will either see only Assets that you have saved, Assets that you have downloaded, or Assets that come preinstalled with The Endless Mission.

Editor - Library Search.png
The Search Bar on the Library UI Panel can be used to further narrow down your search. As you type here, the list of Library items will be further filtered to match your search.

Take care when using this Search Bar-- it only works on the currently visible contents of the panel.