The Endless Mission Wiki

The world of The Endless Mission provides core games for the players to play, hack and modify into their own experiences. Players will unlock abilities as they progress through the core genres. The assets within the core games are all available in the Editor to use on your own game creations.

Real-Time Strategy[]

The RTS Interface

Humanity is at war with the Undead. We have ALWAYS been at war with the Undead. This forest is where we make our stand.

In the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Game, you will build up a base, collect resources, train units and command your Human army to fight against the opposing forces of the Undead. You begin the game with just a small contingent of knights. You must quickly put your workers to mine the ore resources near your Hub building to construct a larger base and train more units. The goal of the game is to destroy every Undead building.


An Undead Worker and a Human Knight

  • Worker - can collect resources and build buildings
  • Knight - melee unit that wears armor and can attack other units and buildings
  • Archer - ranged, unarmored unit that can attack other units and buildings at a distance
  • Mage - melee, unarmored unit whose attacks ignore armor, and can be further specialized
  • Transport - slow moving, armored unit who can transport up to six additional units inside it, protecting them from attacks. The transport can jump to any visible, accessible terrain after a windup period.


  • Hub - can train Workers. Workers return collected resources to the Hub. The Hub also adds 10 to the supply
  • Home - adds 5 to the supply
  • Barracks - can train Knights, Archers, Mages (after Mage Tower is Built), and Transports (after researched at the Armory) Armory - can research upgrades to units
    • TECH: Steel Weaponry- + 1 dmg/s attack to Knights
    • TECH: Longbows - + 1 dmg/s attack to Archers
    • TECH: Plate Armor - +10 health to both Archers and Knights
    • TECH: Mystic Orb- + 1 dmg/s attack to Mages (Only researchable after Mage Tower is constructed)
    • TECH: Transport - enables the training of Transports at the Barracks
  • Mage Tower - enables the construction of mages, and specialized research
    • Mutually Exclusive Tech Option TECH: Urgency - units train 25% faster
    • TECH: Efficiency - units are 25% cheaper Mutually Exclusive Tech Option
    • TECH: Blue Mage - mage units automatically restore 1 health/second to friendly units within 5 range (indicated by a once per second pulse of white light underneath affected units (if actively being healed and not already at full health))
    • TECH: Red Mage - mage unit attacks inflict a burning status on enemy units, causing 1 damage/second for 10 seconds. (indicated by a shimmering red effect on affected units once per second)

Resources and Mechanics[]

  • Ore - Ore can be mined from visible rocks on the map. Each visible rock has a hidden value representing the amount of resources that can be mined before the rock is depleted and is removed from the map.
  • Unit supply - The game starts with a 15 supply. Each unit takes up 1 supply and more supply can be added by building Home buildings.
  • Minimap - The Minimap on the lower left corner of the screen shows visible units and buildings, color coded to a team.
  • Fog of war - The Fog of War blacks out assets not currently within visible range of your buildings and units (will need a sight range for buildings/units).


Platformer Overlook.png

The calming ocean waves… the cool breeze… the warming sun. Volcano island seems like a tranquil paradise, but Capitán BlackClaw isn’t interested in taking a vacation. All of the rumors point to this island containing the greatest treasure on the high seas… the six golden pineapples!

In the 3D Platformer, you will play as Capitán BlackClaw, an agile character with a powerful dash ability, and equipped with the capability to reach impressive heights with her double jump. Your goal is to engage in a series of quests to collect as many of the six golden pineapple treasures as possible before time run outs.


The Rock King

The Rock King’s Prize: a multi-step quest the culminates in a boss fight with the Rock King for the golden pineapple.

  • Collect the three gems spread throughout the island - one in the jungle, one in a cove by the ruins, and one at the bottom of the volcano, by the lavafall.
  • Bring the three gems to the treasure chest located at the back of the ruins. Opening the chest will wake the Rock King, who will begin hurling boulders down at you from the top of the volcano.
  • Climb to the summit of the volcano, and battle with the Rock King. After baiting him into ramming the pillars surrounding the area, dash attack him while he is sitting vulnerable on the ground. Do this five times and you will win the fight and earn a golden pineapple.

Atop the Ruins: This golden pineapple is earned by stepping onto the blue pressure plate switch near the entrance to the ruins, and then successfully platforming up to the top of the summoned platforms, where the pineapple awaits.

The Treasure of Weasel Cove: This golden pineapple appears when you defeat all of the weasels roaming the lava cover area nearby the ruins.

Atop the Ruins

Weasel Cove

Island Lookout Over the Sea: This golden pineapple sits atop a distant rocky pillar out over the ocean. It can be reached through carefully platforming across pillars starting in the beach area.

Collect 20 Red Fruit: This pineapple appears near the entrance path up the volcano, after you collect 20 of the Red Fruit that are spread over the island.

On the Volcano’s Summit: This pineapple sits atop the volcano summit, rewarding you the first time they reach the top.

Platformer Mechanics[]

  • Death - if you run out of health, the platformer game will automatically end.
  • Health - You begin with five health.
  • Falling into lava, being hit by a weasel or the Rock King, or landing in the ocean will all decrease your health by one.
  • Collecting a Red Fruit will increase your health by one.
  • Collecting a Golden Pineapple will fully restore the your health.
  • Dashing Cooldown - There is a short duration cooldown between executions of the dash attack.
  • Mid-air Dash - You can dash in the air by starting a dash after they have jumped.
  • Double Jump - You can double jump by pressing the jump button after they are already in the air from a previous jump.
  • Head-bop Jump - If timed right as you land on a weasel’s head, you will gain increased jump height by holding down the jump button.


Few remember the original reason for the highways connecting the floating industrial cities blocks that make up Dawn City. Everyone flies these days. Besides, it would be a shame to interfere with the famous drone car races.

In the Kart Racer, you will select one of three robotic racing vehicles. Complete three laps around Dawn City, a hazard-filled floating metropolis made up of three connected blocks. Coming in first place on the third lap will win the race.

Dawn City

HUD Overview[]

When you start the racer you will see various elements on your HUD, all of which are there to give you vital information. We'll break down each element for you.

  • Minimap: In the Upper Left Corner of your screen you will see a map of the racer track. On that map, you will see dots representing the various racers. the big BLUE dot represents your vehicle. All the other WHITE dots are the AI racers. The vehicle that is currently in first place will also have a CROWN icon over the top of its dot.
  • Position and Lap: In the Upper Right Corner of your screen you will text that will tell you what POSITION you are in (depends on the number of racers). The default number can range from 1st (first place) to 8th (last place). Directly below that value is the LAP COUNTER and is displayed as an X / Y sort of value. So when it says Lap: 1/ 3 you know you are on the first lap of a three lap race.
  • Health Meter: In the Lower Right Corner of your screen is a GREEN METER with a big GREEN PLUS symbol. That meter tracks how much health your vehicle has. Your vehicle can take damage from various elements. When your health reaches zero you lose all of your speed and are teleported back aways on the track.
  • Boost Meter and Power Up: Finally, in the Lower Left Corner of the screen you will see a BLUE METER that quickly fills up as you drive. That is your Boost Meter which comes into play when you use a Drift Boost (more on that below). If you stop moving the meter quickly drains. If you have collected any power ups just off to the right side of the Boost Meter you will see an icon for the Power up you have collected (more on that below)

Resources and Mechanics[]

  • Power Ups - As you race along the track you will come across floating high tech-looking objects with a Question Mark in the center of them. These are Power Ups and picking up one will randomly give you one of three abilities which you activate by pressing the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
    • EMP: This power up shows up on your HUD as a Blue Puddle icon. Activating it will cause your vehicle to drop an electrical puddle directly behind your vehicle that stays in the world until another vehicle runs into it. When that happens, that vehicle will spin out, lose all its momentum and be stunned for a couple of seconds.
    • Beam Cannon: This power up shows up on your HUD as an Energy Burst icon. Activating it will cause you to shoot a rapid-fire burst of projectiles directly in front of you for a few seconds. Hit an AI vehicle with enough of these shots and you can destroy them for a temporary amount of time
    • Speed Boost: This power up shows up on your HUD a two stacked Pink Arrow icons. Activating it will cause your vehicle to immediately go to its max speed while also adding a extra amount of speed on top of that. This effect persists for a couple of seconds

NOTE: you can only have one power up at a time and you need to use that power up before you can collect another

  • Boost Plates - As you race along the track you will also come across multiple Animating Pink Arrows on the ground. If you run over these they act just like the boost power up giving your vehicle extra speed for a couple of seconds.
  • Boost Ramps - These look like a collection of Boost Plates but in a ramp configuration. Driving over one of these will launch your vehicle into the air allowing it to clear a large gap and land back on the track on the other side.
  • Vehicle Stats - There are three different vehicle types to choose from: Light, Medium and Heavy. All three vehicles use the same stat categories but each vehicle has different values in those stats making them better or worse in those categories compared to other vehicles.
    • Acceleration: How quickly the vehicle can go from zero to its Top Speed
    • Top Speed: Ultimately how fast the vehicle is (any type of boosting will add to that top speed)
    • Handling: This controls the vehicle's turn rate and affects how easy it is to make sharp turns at high speeds
  • Jumping - If you tap the space bar your vehicle will do a slight bunny hop. It is just high enough to jump over EMP puddles but rarely high enough to clear other obstructions. But using it directly ties into the Drift mechanic.
  • Drifting - In order to initiate a drift, you first have to press and hold the jump button and turn in a direction while in mid-air. When you land, you will begin drifting in that direction.
  • Drift Boost - If you hold drift long enough, you'll see the drifting speed lines turn from BLUE to PURPLE. If you release the jump button at that point your car will go into a boost for a couple of seconds and drain the boost meter.
  • Shortcuts - Some shortcuts will be built directly into the city (like an alternate path the player can take) but the more extreme shortcuts are ways that the player can hop off the track at certain places to land on another section of the track to completely bypass sections of the track. Be on the lookout for spots where you can easily get off the rigid constraints of the track (like off a long jump) and use those to your advantage.