The Endless Mission Wiki
For this tutorial, you can use the following steps to load the Platformer in the Editor. If you've previously done "Save As" on the Platformer you can also load that Game into the Editor and start this tutorial that way. If you have not yet done this, here are the steps to make a copy of the Platformer that you can edit and save as your own:
  • First, enter the Editor.
  • Then, press the 'Load' button, and load the Platformer Core Game.
  • Before you start, select "Save As" using the drop-down next to "Save" the top of the screen, and give the Game a new name, like "MyTutorialPlatformer". Now, you can save your progress whenever you want just by pressing "Save", and you will be able to Load your tutorial Game and come back to it anytime.

Eliminate Capitán BlackClaw's Dash Cooldown Timer[]

Normally, the Avatar Capitán BlackClaw has what we call a "Cooldown Timer" governing her dash attack. This is a hidden internal timer that activates every time you finish performing a dash, and while it is running, it stops you from performing another dash. We are going to reduce this to 0 so that you can dash again without having to wait for the timer to expire.

  1. In your Project Hierarchy, find "CapitanBlackClaw" located at Avatar/ CapitanBlackClaw and select it.
  2. In the Properties Panel, look for "Dash Attack Cooldown". It is 1.
  3. Change this value from 1 to 0.
  4. Now, whenever you finish a dash on the ground, you will be able to dash immediately again without having to wait one second. However, you might notice that if you dash in the air, you still won't be able to dash again until you hit the ground. This is because this Asset's code doesn't let you dash more than once in the air before touching the ground.

Further Explorations[]

There are many other properties you can play with and explore under "CapitanBlackClaw" . Try adjusting a few of these and see what happens:

  • Stun Duration: This is how long you are stunned for after getting hit, in seconds.
  • Post Stun Invincibility Duration: Within this duration, in seconds, you won't be able to take damage again after getting hit.
  • Jump Height: This is how high your initial jump is.
  • Double Jump Height: This is how high your second jump is, when pressing jump again in midair after having jumped once.
  • Head Bop Jump Height: This is how high you launch upward when jumping on an enemy and holding down the Jump button.