The Endless Mission Wiki
This page is a guide to Hacking in Adventure Mode.

What is Hacking?[]

In Endless, the player possesses the ability to interact with the world by actively altering the information on an object that can receive changes. This ability is called Hacking. The player can use a hack by wielding it. This is currently done by pressing Alt to enter 'hacking mode' and selecting a hack to use (numbers 1-4). Hacks can be viewed and equipped in the Inventory. The player has access to 4 hacks at any given time. There are three types of hacks: tweaks, mods, and revs.

How to Use Hacks[]

Active hacks will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen in Adventure Mode (See How to Equip Different Hacks for information on how to select which hacks are active). To use a hack, press the number of the hack you want to use (or scroll through them using the Mouse Scroll Wheel) and aim the reticle at your target. An object that can be hacked will appear with a pale blue outline when hovered over. Press the Right Mouse Button to fire the hack.

Hacks use energy, which is represented as a blue bar to the right of the active hacks. The energy cost of each hack depends on the value of its effect (for example, the more health the Health Change tweak is set to restore or remove, the greater its energy cost). The energy cost and parameters of a hack can be viewed and altered in the Inventory.


Tweaks are the most basic form of hack. A tweak alters one value or property of an object, like movement speed or current health.


A mod, short for "modification", is a more complex form of hack. Mods alter two or more values or properties of an object at once and can have areas of effect or special conditions. For example, a mod could have an area of effect that pulls objects to a point and damages them by an x amount.


A rev, short for "revision", is the most complex kind of hack. Revs alter the behavior of an object in its code.